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Something good is growing in the heart of the old world…

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“Transfer fees are taken from the ones who need the money the most…„



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Quote: more income

…imagine more disposable income

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“I have to travel several hours a day…„

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Quote: better life

…imagine a better life at the touch of your mobile phone

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“I do not trust the Internet. It is not secure…„

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Quote: no compromise security

…we make no compromise on security and work very hard every hour, every day to ensure safe transactions

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“My best offers should reach more people…„

Quote: best offers

…imagine you truly matter to your customers

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“Why should I trust you?…„

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Quote: trust

…we are a social partnership, supported by international organizations, NGOs, corporations and other non profit organizations

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“We feel so isolated…„

Quote: isolation

…be part of a community with endless possibilities

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